Our Policies

Cost of Living

People who work hard should be able to afford a decent life.

It’s hard to believe that once upon a time, a blue-collar worker with a high school education could support a family, take vacations, and even save for retirement. Technology has made our productivity many times higher – so why is life poorer, not richer, than in the 1960s? Why do people just accept that life will get slowly worse?

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The dream of home ownership is slipping away for many Americans with high mortgage rates, rising prices, and stagnant income. To make matters worse, venture capital firms and hedge funds are buying up single-family homes by the millions. As home ownership costs rise beyond reach, rents follow them into the stratosphere.

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Clean it Up

We’re going to unite Americans around safe and healthy food, pure water, clean air, and living rivers, forests, grasslands, and wetlands. We will accelerate the transition to a regenerative agricultural system and incentivize the transition to zero-waste cycles and clean energy sources. Learn more about our plan to Clean it Up.

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Honest Government

For the People

We are going to remake public institutions to serve the public. We will roll back the secrecy, end the surveillance, stop the censorship, and make government transparent. Learn more about our plan to restore integrity to government For the People.

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Heal the Divide

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will focus his campaign on the values Americans hold in common, and lead the country toward an ethos of respectful dialog and reconciliation across races, parties, and divisions. Learn more about our plan to Heal the Divide.

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Bring it Home

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will end the foreign wars, bring home the troops, and devote the freed-up resources to revitalize America. That means repairing our infrastructure, cities, industries, and public services. Learn more about our plan to Bring it Home.

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A Humanitarian Crisis

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. sees the situation at the border primarily as a humanitarian crisis. It is a crisis that has spread far beyond the border, as a flood of migrants has overwhelmed the resources of cities as far away as New York. The suffering of the migrants at the hands of drug cartels, human traffickers, and exploitative employers is heartbreaking.

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Civil Liberties

Restore our Rights

Civil liberties, especially freedom of speech, is a high priority for Robert F. Kennedy. He will end the censorship and surveillance, reduce incarceration, and respect the rights and dignity of all citizens. Learn more about the plan to Restore Our Rights.

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Racial Healing

Civil Rights

Nearly sixty years after the Civil Rights Act, the condition of Black people in America is better in many respects. However, in terms of income, wealth, education, infant mortality, home ownership, incarceration, health, and life expectancy, they still lag behind the rest of the population.

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Native Americans

Deep Commitment

Robert F Kennedy Jr inherited from his father a deep commitment to improving the lives of Native Americans. Like his father, he sees the poverty and suffering in Indian Country as our country’s greatest shame and he believes that the federal government’s unfair dealings and broken treaties with the tribal nations are our nation’s original sin

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Turn it Around

The time has come to reverse America’s economic decline. Government assistance to the nation’s most vulnerable is a high priority, but even more important is to reverse the policies that have led to such poverty in the first place. Learn more about our plan to Turn it Around.

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Veterans For Kennedy

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Higher Education

Higher Education

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Expand Americorps

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