Our Policies


People who work hard should be able to afford a decent life.

That is RFK, Jr.'s guiding principle.

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The dream of home ownership is slipping away for many Americans.

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Clean it Up

We’re going to unite Americans around safe and healthy food, pure water, clean air, and living rivers, forests, grasslands, and wetlands.

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Honest Government

For the People

We are going to remake public institutions to serve the public.

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Heal the Divide

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will lead the country toward an ethos of respectful dialog and reconciliation across divisions.

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Bring it Home

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will end the foreign wars, bring home the troops, and devote the freed-up resources to revitalize America.

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A Humanitarian Crisis

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. sees the situation at the border primarily as a humanitarian crisis.

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Civil Liberties

Restore our Rights

RFK, Jr. will end the censorship and surveillance, reduce incarceration, and respect the rights and dignity of all citizens.

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Racial Healing

Civil Rights

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. believes that the current situation is the result of the unhealed legacy of racism in this country.

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Native Americans

Deep Commitment

Robert F Kennedy Jr inherited from his father a deep commitment to improving the lives of Native Americans.

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Turn it Around

The time has come to reverse America’s economic decline.

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Veterans For Kennedy

Mr. Kennedy embraces the sacrifice made by veterans to the country, your sense of honor, and your desire to serve.

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Higher Education

Higher Education

Today the higher education system is trapped in a vicious circle, where rising tuition forces students to struggle.

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Expand Americorps

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is going to transform the existing Americorps program to offer a new option to young people who want to gain skills.

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Strong Support of Labor Rights

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a strong supporter of labor rights.

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