Creators for Kennedy!

Sure, we have amazing campaign videos and an epic merch store, but we're all about empowering the creators in our community to put their own unique stamp on the Kennedy content they share and the Kennedy gear that they wear!

Digital Creators: 

We've made all our videos searchable by topic and downloadable to your device, so you can get to work remixing your favorites to showcase the clips and ideas that inspire you most. 

We've also added logos, graphics, and photos to use in our media kit. 

Check out a few recent videos, created by our grassroots community: The Gen X Lament, Aaron Everitt and Peace for the People, Bobby Bailey

Make sure we see yours by including #Kennedy24 #KennedyCreators when you post it. We'll retweet our favorites!


Musical Artists:

In the mood for tunes? Turn up the volume on these tracks, written and recorded by our grassroots supporters. Or make sure we hear yours by posting with the hashtags above.

Hats, Clothes, Cars, and Signs!

Official campaign merch is great, but sometimes you want to put your own style to work. Whether it's making a hundred tees or hats to raise donations or making a signature jacket you'll be proud to sport all winter, we've got you.*

Click here to browse our library of iron-on logos, or design your own using Canva for free. Then all you need is a pack of ink-transfer paper from your local office supply store, a color printer, and an iron. If you don't have a color printer, you can use the one at your local library or print shop. Just be sure to take your ink-transfer paper with you.*

Once you've got your designs printed, decide what shirts, jackets or hats you want to print on. We like going to our local thrift store to find cheap old pieces with character or shopping online or at the local dollar store to buy blanks in bulk.* These are great for offering gratitude when you receive campaign donations outside local shopping centers. Be sure to use the printable fliers from your profile page to get credit for every new donation you bring in!

Prefer to keep the iron in the closet? Go free-style! Cut out letters from old scrap cloth and sew them onto sweaters, hoodies, wool hats and jackets. Add some flare -- a peace sign, an American flag, or a local landmark. And if sewing isn't your thing, go for fabric paint pens, freehand or with stencils!*

Remember, it's not just you that needs Kennedy styling -- it's your car and front yard too! 

We love cutting letters out of magnet sheets, available online or from our local office supply store, and turning our cars and minivans into Kennedy campaign classics!*

Want to go more permanent? Use stencils and spray-paint to give your old RV or exterior wall a new patriotic purpose! 

And never forget the humble sign! Whether a small pennant for the wall behind your zoom calls, a placard for your front yard or a large banner for a high-traffic intersection or overpass, signs for Kennedy help
project the passion of our movement to thousands of new voters each day.*


Remember to share photos and videos of all your creations with hashtags #Kennedy24 and #KennedyCreators. We'll retweet our favorites and feature them here!


Fliers and stickers:

Spread the word about RFK by setting up a table in a high-traffic area to hand out fliers, posting them to bulletin boards at the library or laundromat, or printing out stickers to hand out in your local community.*

We have options in color and black & white, to suit your home printer, and in English and Spanish, with more languages yet to come. You can find them here! 

On that page, you'll also find designs for printing stickers on cheap thermal printers that require no ink. We'll be distributing these to our state leads. You can also print them at many local print shops or invest in a $25 thermal printer of your own. We use this one but aren't endorsing it!* Check out the full range of printable sticker designs on the bottom of this page. Leave these as freebies on your tables when you set up to spread the word about Kennedy or hand them out in gratitude for donations or signups. We've seen them on the walls of coffee shops and on bulletin boards around town! Just be sure you always have permission to stick where you're sticking. Let's heal the divide with respect and with love! 


*If you buy materials exclusively to craft merchandise for Team Kennedy and want your contribution recognized as an in-kind donation by the FEC, click here for the form and, once completed, email it to [email protected].