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Goal: 300,000


Demand the Immediate Release of Julian Assange.

I agree that Julian Assange should be immediately released and the charges against him be dropped.

Demand the Immediate Release of Julian Assange

When whistleblowers like Daniel Elsberg, John Kiriakou, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange revealed government corruption–they weren’t betraying America–they were returning America to its democratic and humanitarian ideals. But instead of championing free speech and celebrating these truth-tellers, today our government actively persecutes journalists and whistleblowers–which is why I’m calling on every citizen to sign our petition calling for the immediate release of Julian Assange.

This isn’t the Soviet Union. The America I love doesn’t imprison dissidents. Our founders put free speech as the First Amendment because all our other rights depend on it. If you give a government license to silence its critics, it now has license for any atrocity.

Julian Assange, a newspaper publisher, has spent 13 years behind bars for revealing crimes committed by our government. From torture at Guantanamo Bay to anti-democratic actions taken by the DNC to civilian casualties inflicted by the US military in the War On Terror, time and again, Assange has shed daylight on America’s moral corruption. Since when did revealing crimes become a bigger crime than the crime itself? 

It’s time we stood up for Assange the way he stood up for us. 

On my first day in office, I’ll pardon Julian Assange and investigate the corruption and crimes he exposed. I will also issue an executive order to end all attempts by federal agents and federal agencies to censor the political speech of Americans.

Attacking the messenger is never good policy. The government’s war against whistleblowers has turned national heroes into criminals, and, it has deterred others who might still come forward. Only if we stand together can we protect whistleblowers, which is why I am encouraging every American–regardless of your political party–to sign our petition to demand the immediate pardon and release of Julian Assange from incarceration.