Our Priorities

Honest Government

For the People

We are going to remake public institutions to serve the public. We will roll back the secrecy, end the surveillance, stop the censorship, and make government transparent. Learn more about our plan to restore integrity to government For the People.

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Heal the Divide

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will focus his campaign on the values Americans hold in common, and lead the country toward an ethos of respectful dialog and reconciliation across races, parties, and divisions. Learn more about our plan to Heal the Divide.

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Clean it Up

We’re going to unite Americans around safe and healthy food, pure water, clean air, and living rivers, forests, grasslands, and wetlands. We will accelerate the transition to a regenerative agricultural system and incentivize the transition to zero-waste cycles and clean energy sources. Learn more about our plan to Clean it Up.

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Turn it Around

The time has come to reverse America’s economic decline. Government assistance to the nation’s most vulnerable is a high priority, but even more important is to reverse the policies that have led to such poverty in the first place. Learn more about our plan to Turn it Around.

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Bring it Home

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will end the foreign wars, bring home the troops, and devote the freed-up resources to revitalize America. That means repairing our infrastructure, cities, industries, and public services. Learn more about our plan to Bring it Home.

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Civil Liberties

Restore our Rights

Civil liberties, especially freedom of speech, is a high priority for Robert F. Kennedy. He will end the censorship and surveillance, reduce incarceration, and respect the rights and dignity of all citizens. Learn more about the plan to Restore Our Rights.

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"During this campaign and during my administration, I will focus on the values that we share instead of the issues that divide us."

I'm a Kennedy Democrat.

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