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Our movement isn’t fueled by giant corporate advertising spends – its fueled by word of mouth, from people like you.

Your friends, family, and community trust you more than any commercial and they want to know why you believe in RFK Jr.'s message of change.

Every time you share your thoughts, in person, on social media, over the dinner table or in the grocery store, you open new hearts and minds to the possibility of a restored American Dream – one truly of, by and for ALL people, not just the chosen few.

We view every one of our supporters as honorary field captains. And you know where our closest field office is in your community? It’s your living room! We rely on hundreds of thousands of volunteers just like you to power this truly grassroots revolution and we’ve made a toolkit to help you get underway: 

If you prefer the digital realm, we need you too! You have the power to change this country’s future by sharing your support for RFK Jr.'s vision on social media, email and SMS. Of course, you can share our videos and web pages in the usual way. You can also use a personalized link by copying the recruiting link on your profile. When you share this personalized RFK Jr.'s link, you’ll be able to keep track of all the amazing new supporters and donations your words have brought into the movement.  Communicate with  on your recruits on your very own RFK Jr. profile page. Now that’s people power!

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