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Why is Kennedy running as an Independent?

The two-party system is paralyzed. The parties take turns in power, but nothing much changes. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is independent of the party elites, insiders, lobbyists, corporate donors, and Washington power players. Not on either side, he will be able to unite the country. He believes that most Americans are tired of the division and the rage. With their support, he will adopt common sense policies that are off the radar of either party, and that get drowned out by the partisan bickering. 


Yes, but can he win?

RFK Jr. has a clear path to victory. The way the electoral system works, the candidate with the most votes in a state wins all of its electors. That means if Kennedy gets 36% of the vote in Pennsylvania and Donald Trump gets 33% and Joe Biden gets 31%, Kennedy will win ALL of its 20 electoral votes. Out the gate, Kennedy already is at 22%, and his favorability rating is much higher than either Trump or Biden. This is a historic opportunity to end the two-party stranglehold on the White House and launch a new era of American politics.


What are Kennedy’s policy priorities?

  1. To free government from the corrupt influence of mega-corporations and Wall Street.
  2. To end the “forever wars” and restore the military to its proper role of defending the homeland.
  3. To redirect the trillions we spend on global military dominance to the rebuilding of America’s infrastructure, economy, and middle class.
  4. To repair the economic devastation that has spread across Black, rural, small-town, Rust Belt, minority, and Farm Belt communities.
  5. To secure the border.
  6. To restore and protect our Constitutional freedoms.
  7. To end government censorship, surveillance, and secrecy, and bring transparency to government.
  8. To address the chronic disease epidemic in America.
  9. To clean up the toxic pollution in our soil, air, and water, and protect our wilderness areas.
  10. To cut inflation and housing costs, shrink the deficit, and reduce the debt burden on American families.


How exactly is Mr. Kennedy going to cut inflation?

  1. Keep the dollar strong by restoring industry and stopping the weaponization of the US dollar that is eroding its reserve currency status. 
  2. Cut housing costs with a Federally-backed 3% mortgage program. 
  3. Cut healthcare costs by getting pharmaceutical industry corruption out of our regulatory agencies and health policy (the US spends DOUBLE other advanced countries on health care, with worse outcomes.)
  4. Reduce government deficits that inflate the money supply, by cutting defense spending and corporate giveaways, and making big corporations pay their fair share of taxes.


What is Mr. Kennedy’s policy on Ukraine?

Mr. Kennedy will stop using Ukraine as a geopolitical pawn in a game of world domination, which has cost Ukraine hundreds of thousands of casualties and the US hundreds of billions of dollars, all to no avail. Kennedy will negotiate the best possible diplomatic settlement, which will likely include withdrawing US missile batteries from Russia’s borders, no more NATO expansion, Russian withdrawal from occupied territory, UN peacekeepers in Eastern Ukraine, and an end of sanctions in order to improve the global economy.


What are Mr. Kennedy’s views on climate change?

Climate change has become an unnecessarily divisive issue, because many of the things that can address climate change have other benefits. Mr. Kennedy will focus on those things in his environmental policy. For example, he will shift American agriculture toward regenerative practices that restore carbon to the soil, improve fertility, and replenish the water table. He will protect forests and wetlands that help moderate the climate. He will promote conservation and non-polluting forms of energy. These are policies that climate activists and skeptics alike can support, each for different reasons.


What is Mr. Kennedy’s position on vaccines? Is he an “anti-vaxxer”?

Mr. Kennedy is in favor of safe and voluntary vaccines. Whether in the case of vaccines or any other drug, he will ensure public safety by freeing the FDA, NIH, and CDC from corporate capture, so that proper science can be done free from conflicts of interest. Doctors and members of the public can then make their own health choices based on unbiased information.


Is Mr. Kennedy in favor of reparations? If not, what will he do for Black people?

Mr. Kennedy does not favor the extremely divisive idea of direct payments to people based on ancestry or skin color. However, he recognizes that Black communities are among America’s most troubled, due to centuries of slavery, racism, and Jim Crow. He will institute a program of Community Repair that targets America’s most devastated communities: Native and Black especially, and also anywhere subject to high levels of poverty, violence, addiction, and incarceration. This program – in the inner cities, the Rust Belt, the Farm Belt, in all the places that are hurting the most – will be based on need, not skin color.


What is Mr. Kennedy’s position on abortion? Is he pro-life or pro-choice?

Here is a quote from a recent interview that summarizes Mr. Kennedy’s position: “My stance is that every abortion is a tragedy, but I’ve spent my life advocating for bodily autonomy and bodily independence. And I don’t think the government is the right entity to be telling women what they should be doing with their bodies.” In addition, he calls for devoting all the resources burned up in the abortion fight to supporting mothers who want to carry their babies to term, who lack the resources to do so. 


What is Mr. Kennedy’s position on gun control and the Second Amendment?

Mr. Kennedy will protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, including the Second Amendment. As an environmentalist and outdoorsman, he recognizes the importance of guns to rural culture in America. He also understands why people want to own guns at a time of rising crime and low trust in government. However, as someone whose own life was shattered by gun violence at a young age, he will make it a priority to reduce gun violence in America, which starts by looking at its causes: despair, mental illness, alienation, desperation, cycles of trauma, and lack of opportunity for young men.


What is Mr. Kennedy’s position on Trans rights?

Mr. Kennedy believes in body autonomy and respect for the choices of others. He believes that those who wish to alter their bodies or express as another gender should be free to do so. However, he believes it is important to preserve women’s sports and women-only shelters for biological women. And he believes that gender-change surgeries and puberty blockers should not be given to minors.


What will Mr. Kennedy do for veterans?

In scaling back military spending, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will devote a portion of the savings to strengthening veteran benefits. He will also establish a Veterans Council within the President’s Executive Office. The purpose of this council will be (1) To respond quickly to veteran’s issues while bypassing the bureaucracy of the VA; (2) To draw on veterans’ knowledge to root out corruption in the defense industry, and (3) To give veterans a say in matters of war and peace by placing the head of the Veterans Council on the National Security Council.


What will Mr. Kennedy do to address the immigration crisis?

Our policy is summed up by, “High walls, wide gates.” Mr. Kennedy will make the border impervious to illegal immigration, while expanding the means for lawful, orderly immigration. For more information, see his documentary and check out the policy web page on the topic.