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You Have Power

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Our generation holds the key to reclaiming our nation from the constraints of the two-party system. American citizens have lost faith in our country’s institutions, our branches of government, our checks and balances, and most importantly, each other. But we, at Students4Kennedy, are unwavering in our conviction.

To us, no task is impossible in the service of our people.

Through a united student front for peace and honesty, we unlock a respectful political system where our representatives serve us once again. By doing away with hate and animosity among neighbors, we create a future that every American can be proud of, regardless of identity or opinion. 

Stand with our generation in building a brighter future 
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What is S4K?

Students4Kennedy is an organization of young change-makers dedicated to ushering in a new era of American politics. We aim to make our mark by creating a network of student activists, volunteers, and interns passionate about RFK Jr’s messages. This network leads efforts to host rallies, meetings, and other outreach events to educate our peers about RFK Jr and his policies.

Click on the tabs to see proposed Kennedy initiatives that address issues which are important to our generation.


  • Abolish interest on student loans and allow refinancing
  • Start a free universal preschool program
  • Focus education spending on improving the health and curriculum of public schools
  • Expand Title IV funding to include other kinds of programs, including “microcredentials” and “nanocredentials” which give people specific, useful training for the marketplace
  • End the cycle of rising tuition costs by holding universities accountable for lending activities

Honest Government

  • Sign a law to criminalize any lie told by a public official
  • Provide transparency to the people by releasing files regarding infamous American events, such as those of 9/11 and the assassination of his uncle and former President John F. Kennedy.
  • Replace corporate-friendly agency leaders with reformers and whistleblowers dedicated to citizens’ interests
  • Sign an executive order imposing a five year restriction on administration officials from lobbying their former government agency

Healthcare & Addiction

  • Release medical regulatory agencies from the capture of pharmaceutical companies
  • Start a national fitness program like the one his uncle, JFK, successfully implemented
  • Decriminalize and tax marijuana federally, then use the revenue to build physical and spiritual healing centers around the country
  • Combat the chronic disease epidemic by supporting worldwide research into the underlying causes of related health issues


  • Cut government spending to address rising national debt
  • Reduce rent and mortgage payments for first time homeowners and families
  • Fight interest rate hikes by offering 3% mortgages backed by tax-free bonds
  • Cut utility costs by restricting natural gas exports
  • Negotiate trade deals to safeguard American consumer interests from foreign competition


  • Stop big corporations and corrupt government officials from using the environment as an excuse for profit-making schemes and power grabs
  • Increase federal funding to combat toxic chemical pollution and plastic waste
  • Transition the industry to zero waste and clean manufacturing
  • Protect forests, rivers, fisheries, and wildlife habitats from corporate and commercial abuse
  • Adopt a wildfire management plan to keep forests resilient and communities safe

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