Join our Kennedy 2024 Student Ambassador Program!

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign is drawing huge support from the youth of our nation, outpolling both Trump and Biden. Kennedy needs YOU to build on that support and get your candidate into the White House. It starts with collecting enough signatures to get him onto the ballot as an independent. By helping with that effort you will learn a lot about life and politics, and help make history too! 

You can make an impact on the Presidential campaign by joining our Kennedy 2024 Student Ambassador Program. You’ll be advocating not just for a candidate, but for policies like making college debt dischargeable in bankruptcy, enabling the refinancing of student loans, and abolishing loan interest.

You'll tackle "degree inflation," champion alternative pathways like micro-credentials and trades, and promote the Domestic Peace Corps, which will provide every young American with opportunities for meaningful education and work.

As an ambassador, your voice will amplify Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s vision, mobilize support, and drive political discourse. You will gain valuable political campaign experience, develop leadership skills, and join a network of young leaders dedicated to a better future.

We invite you to take the initiative to sign up now as a Kennedy 2024 Student Ambassador, and transform your campus into a hub of action!