It’s “We The People” Not “We The Corporations”


As president, one of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s top priorities will be to dissolve the corrupt merger of state and corporate power.  That means freeing government agencies from the control of big corporations.

Our food is unhealthy because Big Ag controls the Department of Agriculture. We have endless wars because military contractors control the Department of Defense, State Department, and intelligence agencies. The middle class is being decimated because Wall Street controls the Federal Reserve, Treasury, and SEC.

Our environment is a toxic mess because big polluters and extractive industries control the EPA. Healthcare costs and chronic disease run rampant because Big Pharma controls the CDC, FDA, and NIH.

Only an independent President beholden to neither major party can free our government from corporate capture. President Trump promised to drain the swamp, but he appointed corporate lobbyists and other “swamp creatures” like Scott Gottlieb and John Bolton to key posts. And President Biden has been wallowing in the corporate-controlled Washington swamp for 50 years.

RFK Jr. has the experienceto reclaim our government for the American people. For 40 years, he has sued countless government agencies. He knows all the tricks that corrupt officials use to advance the corporate agenda.

As President, Kennedy will:

  • Install honest, competent leadership throughout the federal bureaucracy, agency by agency
  • Root out corruption and replace corporate-friendly agency leaders with reformers and whistleblowers dedicated to the national interest.
  • Shut the revolving door by executive order with a five year ban on administration officials lobbying their former government agency.
  • Make the agencies transparent to public view, so that the American people can once again have faith that their government works for them — not big corporations.
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