More Choices, More Life


Abortion is one of the most divisive issues in American politics. We’ve been offered two positions — pro-life and pro-choice — with hardly any room between or outside them. This wedge issue keeps Americans fighting with each other and destroys our most promising alliances. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s policy won’t end the debate, but it offers a way forward that most Americans can support. It is called “More Choices, More Life.”

This policy will dramatically reduce abortion in this country, and it will do so by offering more choices for women and families, not less. 

A lot of women, when they get pregnant, feel they can’t afford to have a baby. There isn’t a lot of support to raise a child in this society. You can’t call yourself pro-life if you are concerned only with life before birth. What about after birth? We have to make our society as welcoming as possible to children and to motherhood. 

The centerpiece of More Choices, More Life is a massive subsidized daycare initiative. We will safeguard women’s reproductive rights while redirecting the funds being spent on the war in Ukraine to subsidize community- and home-based daycares, along with stay-at-home parents. Instead of padding the pockets of our weapons manufacturers, we will pay 100% of care for the three million children under five who live beneath our poverty line. And we will cap the cost at 10% of family income for everyone else. These payments will not be available to corporate daycare chains or the hedge funds that own them. They will fund only single-location small businesses — as well as parents who decide to stay home with their children. 

Universal childcare has the potential to add $1 trillion to our GDP, according to Moodys. And since economics is a major driver of abortion, this policy will do more to lower abortion rates than any coercive measure ever could. 

On top of this policy, we will also strengthen our adoption infrastructure to make it the best in the world. We will increase the child tax credit, and we will fund sanctuaries for women in need to have babies, places like Auntie Angie’s House, where they get support not just in pregnancy and birth but also in those precious months afterwards. That way, their only “choice” isn’t abortion. They have another choice, a viable choice to give birth.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will never compromise Americans’ freedoms to solve our nation’s problems. We can have more choices and more life.”

Fortunately, there is a lot we can do to reduce abortions — by choice, not by force. As President, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will make it easier for women to choose life. He will give them more choices than they have today, we will see a lot fewer abortions, and a lot more flourishing families.