Regenerating America’s Soil, Farms, And Food


Quite literally, soil is the foundation of our nation, and America’s soils have been poisoned, eroded, and depleted for a century. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is going to reverse that.  The chemical-industrial agriculture that has destroyed family farms has also brought us chronic disease, ecological damage, polluted water, and even higher food prices. 

Grocery costs have risen 17% in two years — faster than inflation. Six in ten American adults suffer from chronic disease. Toxic chemicals like glyphosate and chlormequat contaminate nearly our entire food supply. Rural aquifers are drying up, soil is eroding, and droughts and floods are the new normal.

Regenerative agriculture can reverse all of this. Using organic methods instead of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, regenerative farmers bring the biome of the soil back to life, increase biodiversity, improve the water cycle, and produce healthy food free of toxins.  When the soil is restored it is able to absorb more excess carbon than anything else on earth, even more than trees.  We won't need carbon credit scores and authoritarian restrictions if we simply heal the earth through better farming practices.

Some of America’s most innovative farmers, such as Rick Clark, Gabe Brown, and Will Smith are showing how family farms can thrive, how soil and water can heal, and how farmers can maintain high yields without toxic chemicals.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will seek to systemize their innovations. He will shift regulatory priorities to favor small farmers and regenerative practices. He will get corporate influence out of the USDA, FDA, and EPA. He will lobby Congress to change the system of agricultural subsidies so that they no longer favor the biggest corporate producers.

Under RFK Jr., America will see a revitalized farm sector, lower food prices, better health, and a healthier environment. No other politician is making this an issue. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will rebuild America, literally from the ground up.

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