The Best Environmental President in American History



A Plan to Protect Our Environment from Corporate Corruption and Contamination

RFK Jr., named Time Magazine’s “Hero for the Planet,” will be the greatest environmental president in American history.  In 40 years as an environmental attorney, Kennedy fought and won lawsuits against hundreds of corporations and government agencies. He sued Mobil Oil to reverse its pollution of the Hudson River, making it safe to swim and fish again. He sued DuPont, Mitsubishi, and Ford, to force them to clean up chemical spills. He sued Monsanto on behalf of farm workers and families who developed cancer from toxic pesticides.

The organization Kennedy founded, Waterkeeper Alliance, is now the largest clean water organization in the world, protecting 2.7 million miles of waterways in 47 countries.  Throughout his career, Kennedy has stood among the leadership of the environmental movement crafting sensible, free-market solutions to environmental challenges.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s environmental plan will unite Americans around broadly shared values and commonsense priorities to protect our air, water, natural resources and sacred places.  As an independent, Kennedy will break through the divisive political arguments that keep us distracted while Republicans and Democrats allow corporate interests to strip-mine our natural heritage.

In contrast with Kennedy’s lifelong efforts to fight corporate corruption and contamination of our environment, Presidents Trump and Biden both appointed corporate lobbyists to fill federal regulatory agencies. Trump rolled back dozens of environmental rules for big polluters, and Biden has given corporations billions of dollars of taxpayer money for false environmental solutions.

In this election, Kennedy is inviting the American people to look beyond the failed and divisive environmental policies of the past, and meet on common ground. His plan will:

  1. End the corporate capture of environmental regulatory agencies, including the EPA, USDA, DOI, DOE, USFWS, and USFS.
  2. Reduce toxic chemical pollution and plastic waste.
  3. Protect forests, rivers, fisheries, and wildlife habitats from corporate abuse.
  4. Adopt a wildfire management plan to keep forests resilient and communities safe.
  5. Stop big corporations and corrupt government officials who are using the environment as an excuse for profit-making schemes and power grabs.



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