Learn More About the Grassroots Finance Committee

Typical candidates rely on big corporate donors and influencers to fund their campaign. Candidates often form a finance committee made up of the who’s who of the corporate class who bring in huge sums of money from those at the top. 

In return, candidates advance the agenda of their donors. And too often, our politics are decided by a handful of corporations which back the candidates who will cozy up to their interests.  That’s how we get a government that sympathizes more with corporate interests than with the needs of everyday Americans.  

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is not a typical candidate.  He is running for President to end the corrupt merger of state and corporate power.  To do that, we have to start by flipping the script on the way our campaign is funded.

That’s why we are proud to launch the Grassroots Finance Committee.  This is a historic, people-powered movement to fund Mr. Kennedy’s campaign for President where we are asking everyday Americans to commit to raising funds for this campaign.  

We are relying on a truly grassroots fundraising model because we don’t want the corporations to decide who the next President is. We want you–the people–to decide.  

But, we need your help.

What is the Grassroots Finance Committee?

The Grassroots Finance Committee is our movement of dedicated Team Kennedy supporters and volunteers who have all made a pledge to raise funds in their communities. We are relying on everyday people to help fund this campaign! 

Each new member of the Grassroots Finance Committee pledges to raise $1,000 from your community by the quarterly deadline of September 30th. You can hold events in your community, email your friends,  or post on social media to reach your goal. We will provide you with guidance and support every step of the way.

This effort is not just about raising funds.  It’s also about building capacity and community.  Built into this program is a way to connect with other supporters in your region. And the Grassroots Finance Committee  is a wonderful opportunity to connect with others in your community and show the world the strength and commitment of Mr. Kennedy’s supporters.  

Fundraising is not just about having the resources to run a campaign.  Strong fundraising sends a signal to the country about the strength of our movement. When we raised over $6 million dollars in our first reporting quarter, people took note of the power of our campaign. With your help, we will do that again and again. 

Join the Grassroots Finance Committee today!

How does the Grassroots Finance Committee work?

Once you become a member of the Grassroots Finance Committee, you will receive a confirmation email welcoming you to the program. It will include your unique fundraising link to Kennedy24.com and you’ll receive a set of tools to help you to begin your fundraising right away like draft emails, texts, and social media content to share with your network, including friends and neighbors.

For every donation made using your unique fundraising link, you will receive an email notifying you of the donation, so you can keep track of your progress. You’ll also receive regular emails updating you on your progress toward your goal.

All donations are made directly via your link to Kennedy24.com. You won’t collect any money or have to keep track of your goal.  We’ll do that for you.

The biggest benefit will be the regular committee calls with the other Grassroots Finance Committee members in your region.  In these meetings, you’ll get updates about how your region is doing, about what’s going on at the grassroots level, and learn from each other.  

The Grassroots Finance Committee is a really powerful way to fuel the campaign with the resources it needs, and strengthen our capacity and community by working together. 

What is my goal?

We are asking all members of the Grassroots Fundraising Committee to commit to raising $1,000 by September 30, 2023. 

What’s so special about September 30th?

Presidential campaigns are required to report all of their donations to the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) four times per year – on March 30th (Q1), June 30th (Q2), September 30th (Q3), and December 30th (Q4). 

These FEC deadlines are big days on the campaign. On these days, the public learns how much money the campaign has raised, which is a signal for the overall strength of our movement. 

We’re organizing the Grassroots Finance Committee around these quarters.  We are currently raising funds for Q3 which ends September 30th. That’s why we are asking all members of the Grassroots Finance Committee to raise $1,000 in Q3 – by September 30th.

Time is running outJoin the Grassroots Finance Committee today!

How do I raise money?

Fundraising is new territory for a lot of people!  We want to make sure you have the tools you need to be set up for success. We’ve created a robust toolkit to help you which can be found in resources.

If you have any questions contact [email protected].

For information about interaction with the media see our Media Guidelines for Volunteers page.