Grassroots Finance Committee Resources

Before getting started with fundraising, please familiarize yourself with the Fundraising Guidelines

Once you know the rules, here are some easy ways to share your support for the campaign and ask for contributions:

  • Call or email your friends or meet them for coffee and explain why you are supporting Mr. Kennedy and ask for their support.
  • Share Team Kennedy posts on social media along with a personal message and include your donation link.
  • Host an in-person gathering such as breakfast or watch party with a suggested donation.
  • Teach a yoga, fitness, or other class for a suggested donation. 
  • Ask your friends and community to make a donation in lieu of birthday gifts. 
  • Host an online gathering with an educational component or discussion with a suggested donation.
  • Set up a table at a local event or farmer’s market. 

Your imagination and the fundraising guidelines are the only limits!

For an in-depth guide to fundraising, download our comprehensive Fundraising 101 Guide.


Online Fundraising Resources

We recommend visiting the following links for videos that can be downloaded and shared on social media, along with your unique fundraising link, as a method to share information online and ask for financial support for the campaign:

1. Defenders of Democracy Videos

2. YouTube Shorts Videos

3. Announcement Speech Short Videos

3. Create a YouTube Playlist of the campaign videos, or other podcasts,  that are most important to you, to share with others. 

4. Media Assets - images and graphics available for use on your own media.

5. Check out this short video from volunteer Krissy Gordon, on her tips and tricks for fundraising online.

In Person Fundraising Resources

For print materials we have a volunteer ready to insert your QR code into one or all of our three designs options:

  • a one sided 8.5 by 11" information page with campaign priorities, for printing at home or a local printer
  • a one sided 8.5 by 11" QR code page, for donors to easily scan at your event or other interaction, for printing at home or a local printer
  • a business card for professional printing online or at a local printer

Our volunteer will email the custom printable files to you, after receiving your request by email.


To request a print ready file:

Send an email to Amy at [email protected], and cc [email protected].

Amy will send back a print ready file, with directions for you to provide to an online or local printer of your choice. 

Media Guidelines

For information about interacting with the media please see our Media Guidelines for Volunteers page.

We are here to help you be successful and reach your goal!

Join the Grassroots Finance Committee today!


If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to email your regional contact (found in your enrollment email) or our general email: [email protected]