The RFK-Curious Women of Bucks County

The Atlantic reports:

Everybody loves Lynne. At least, that’s what all of her friends kept telling me last week, as they filed through Lynne’s front door in the Philadelphia suburbs, and sipped chardonnay in her crowded kitchen. When you meet her, you see why. Lynne Kelleher, a 66-year-old Bucks County Realtor, is utterly charming. Her pointed questions take you by surprise, and her impressive range of swear words makes you laugh until you snort.

Kelleher’s magnetism is why I reached out to her in the first place. Through her work and the local charity group she founded, she has more friends than she can count. Pennsylvania will again be one of a handful of battleground states that will determine the outcome of the upcoming presidential election, and I’d been searching for women in the area to discuss that with. Kelleher was the ideal person to convene my own personal focus group of educated suburbanites, a crucial segment of the electorate that Joe Biden and Donald Trump are competing for in November. The problem for the two candidates: None of these women likes either of them.

Trump has long struggled to attract suburban women, and Biden’s lead among women generally is narrower with this demographic. At this point, seven months out, Bucks County Woman is not looking like an easy get for either party. About half of Kelleher’s circle told me they were casting about for an alternative. A few of them had either settled on or were curious about Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the onetime Democrat who is now running as an independent. “I need to check out Kennedy further,” one woman said, at the end. “I’m starting to go, ‘Whoa! There’s another option here?’”

Everyone always says that voting for a third party is wasting your vote and spoiling the outcome, Kelleher said. “But dammit, if nobody steps up and gets counted, how do things ever change?” If she had to vote right now, she said, it’d be Kennedy, for sure.

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