RFK Jr. Secures 2,000 Signatures To Get On The Presidential Ballot In Idaho

USA Today Reports:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an independent presidential candidate, announced that his campaign had gathered enough signatures to secure his spot on the Idaho ballot, marking his sixth win in nationwide ballot access.

Kennedy, who recently announced Nicole Shanahan, a California-based attorney and entrepreneur, as his running mate in his long-shot bid for the White House, gathered over 2,000 signatures in Idaho—twice the number needed for a presidential candidate to secure ballot access in the state. 

Just last month, Kennedy's campaign succeeded in its lawsuit against Idaho over what it said was an unconstitutional signature deadline. As a result of the lawsuit, the state legislature passed a bill moving the deadline to August.

In addition to the Gem State, he's already collected enough signatures to get on the ballot in Hawaii, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada and Utah.

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