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RFK Jr. Rallies Tucson Supporters On The Campaign Trail

13 News (Tucson) reports:

With election season in full swing, candidates are on the campaign trail to get their priorities out to the country, and independent hopeful Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. made a stop to speak with Tucson voters.

During his speech, he addressed immigration, affordable housing, the environment, and honest government. Tucsonans who turned out to hear him speak said they were drawn to Kennedy over Trump or Biden because of his stance on issues important to Tucsonans, his honesty, and his focus on putting Americans first.

“R.F.K Jr. actually talks about putting America and Americans first in the policies he is addressing whether it is the border whether it is foreign wars,” said Hunter Rosen, a Kennedy supporter.

The message of putting America first drew hundreds of Tucsonans to the Fox Theatre. Some voters who have been following Kennedy since he announced his run said he brings fresh ideas and approaches to issues they are concerned about.

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