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RFK Jr. Continues Presidential Push, Campaigns In Michigan

WXYZ 7 (Detroit) reports:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made a campaign stop in Grand Rapids Saturday afternoon, as he continues his push to get on the ballot as an independent presidential candidate.

“This is a job that requires a lot of complexity, a lot of nuance, a lot of very, very difficult decisions,” Kennedy said.

The campaign event, held at St. Cecilia Music Center, drew hundreds of supporters.

During his speech Saturday, Kennedy, an environmental lawyer and activist, cited rising rates of obesity, diabetes and autism since his uncle, John F. Kennedy, served as president in the 1960s.

“We’re the sickest people on the face of the earth. We’re the sickest people in the history of the world from chronic disease,” RFK Jr. claimed. “Shouldn’t we be asking the question, ‘What’s causing it?’”

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