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RFK Jr. on March To Get on the Ballot as an Independent

ABC News reports:

Attendees of a Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. rally over the weekend in Las Vegas were met at the doors by people with clipboards soliciting signatures to get the independent presidential candidate on the Nevada ballot.

As an independent candidate, which he became when he defected from the Democratic Party in October, Kennedy is not guaranteed a spot on any state's ballot, forcing volunteers to gather signatures from ordinary Americans on street corners and college campuses, among other public places -- and at Kennedy's own events.

Kennedy could end the need for all the effort by re-joining a major political party, which would earn him a place on every state's ballot.

He fueled speculation about a potential partnership with the Libertarian Party when he told CNN last week that he and the officials from the Party "are talking."

But even as they court Libertarians, Kennedy and his campaign see value in getting on the ballot the hard way.

"Over the long term…it's going to put us in better shape," he told ABC News after the Las Vegas rally, where he spoke for roughly 35 minutes in front of a couple hundred supporters. "As soon as we complete ballot access efforts in each state, we turn that ground game to get out the vote."

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