Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Emphasizes the Importance of a Democratic Election and Hits DNC in Speech to New Hampshire Senate

CNN Politics reports:

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the environmental lawyer and anti-vaccine activist who launched his 2024 presidential bid earlier this year, discussed the importance of a democratic election and critiqued the Democratic National Committee over the push to change the presidential nominating calendar in a Thursday address to the New Hampshire Senate.

Speaking to lawmakers in the New Hampshire State House – a rare public speech since he began his presidential campaign – Kennedy said it’s important that “we have a real democracy and a democratic election in New Hampshire.”

“There’s so many Americans who believe that the system now is rigged, the economic system, but also the political system, that the elections are fixed,” he said in Concord. “And we ought to be, the Democratic Party particularly, ought to be making this election a template for democracy to our country and to the rest of the world.”

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