RFK Jr. Courts Las Vegas Voters as Alternative to Trump vs. Biden

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports:

Independent presidential candidate and former Democrat Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. delivered a wide-ranging campaign speech to Las Vegas Valley supporters Sunday at Area 15.

Kennedy, who is trying to position himself as a viable alternative to a Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden rematch, focused the first part of his speech on America’s health crisis and the purported link between Big Pharma and many of the government’s federal institutions.

He claims Americans have been lied to by corporate interests and lobbyists who are intent on treating medical conditions for profit rather than promoting health and wellness.

“Why are we not asking the next question,” he said to around 500 supporters about why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is allegedly not focusing its efforts on Americans’ health, which has been declining at an exponential rate for decades. “Why are we the sickest people on Earth?”

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