RFK Jr.: Biden’s and the Democrats’ Ongoing Nightmare

The American Spectator reports:


That’s the rally cry of today’s liberal Democrats. It’s also the precise opposite of what they actually support for those standing in the way of Democrat President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign. These democracy advocates would ban Donald Trump from ballots in every state if they could, or better yet, put him behind bars or use the courts to disqualify him in some other way.

But among their most concerted and disturbing efforts to date — in fact, a day-after-day campaign — has been their shocking effort to block Robert F. Kennedy Jr. from getting on the ballot anywhere from coast to coast. This has been a comprehensive effort, locally, nationally, in every state, and in D.C.

Democracy, democracy, democracy! Well, no, not when it comes to RFK Jr. And to that end, I’m here to report some really bad news for Biden and Democrats: The son of Bobby Kennedy is suddenly getting on ballots, and his success in recent days signals what might well be the start of a surge.

In an especially crucial development last week — largely ignored by the liberal media — Kennedy got on the ballot in the crucial swing state of Michigan. “[T]he campaign has gained ballot access in Michigan,” stated an April 18 press release from the Kennedy campaign. “The party has filed all necessary documents with the state, putting the Kennedy-Shanahan ticket on the ballot in Michigan this fall.”

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