What is Mr. Kennedy’s position on the Second Amendment?

Mr. Kennedy believes in the Constitution, including the Second Amendment. He will not try to take away people’s guns. Furthermore, thanks to his decades of environmental work with the “Rod & Gun” folks, he understands how deeply integrated guns are in American culture, especially in rural areas. It is madness to try to take away the guns.

However, the issue is not black-and-white. In the 18th century, the most powerful military weapon was a sailing ship equipped with cannon. Private citizens could and did own such vessels. Today, though, few of even the most fervent Second Amendment advocates think private citizens should be allowed to own thermonuclear bombs, weaponized anthrax, and so forth. That means the right to keep and bear arms is not black and white. Where do we draw the line? Should private citizens be allowed to buy predator drones? Tanks? Cruise missiles? The two sides of this issue actually share a hidden agreement – that some kind of limitation of the right to bear arms is appropriate. They just differ on what that is.

Therefore, Mr. Kennedy believes it is up to Congress to decide where to draw the line. If the American people, through their representatives in Congress, decide to draw the line at assault weapons, he will sign that legislation. The courts will then decide whether the law is Constitutional. Mr. Kennedy will appoint justices who respect the Constitution, including the Second Amendment.

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