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RFK Jr.-Aligned PAC Airs Surprise Ad During Super Bowl

The Epoch Times reports:

Featuring a catchy jingle and nostalgic images that mirrored John F. Kennedy’s 1960 presidential campaign ad, a surprise 30-second spot funded by a super PAC aligned with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday night.

American Values 2024 paid $7 million for the ad that ran nationally just before halftime of a game eventually won by the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime, according to the super PAC’s co-chairman Anthony Lyons.

The original black-and-white spot from 1960 included the song that repeats “Kennedy” over and over in the chorus, along with lyrics that are accompanied by photographs of Mr. Kennedy and American citizens.

The Super Bowl ad funded by American Values 2024 showcased the same song and a vintage appearance that features RFK Jr.’s photo in vintage form and the same “Kennedy for President” phrase.

Google Trends showed that Internet searches for “RFK” soared after the spot was broadcast, with terms related to Mr. Kennedy receiving around 100 times more searches than average.

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