RFK Jr. Is Following In The Footsteps Of His Father And Uncle

Military Press Magazine report:

RFK Jr’s favorability rating leads all candidates running for President, the only one over 50%, with a rating of 52%. Below is an interview with Mr. Kennedy (in bold) regarding the two very important issues of the day.

President Trump has said numerous times that the Biden Administration enabled terrorism, including the October 7th massacre by giving huge amounts of money to the Palestinians and Iran.  In fact, Secretary of State Blinken has repeatedly said it is their money, so they are entitled to it.  What is your position?

Kennedy said “I don’t think we should be giving money to Iran and instead should enforce the sanctions. We should not be authorizing the transfer of funds from Qatar or from other nations to Iran. Iran is enriching uranium, now up to 80%, months away from the capacity to generate nuclear bombs.  Because the Biden Administration failed to enforce the sanctions, Iran has been given over $6 billion of money that they otherwise would not have had.  They used parts of that money to fund Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis whose flag says on it ‘Death to America, Death to Israel.’” 

Read the full interview here.


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