Democratic and Republican Elites Fear RFK Jr.’s Growing Path to Victory

The Hill reports:

In what is shaping up to be a three-person contest between President Joe Biden, former President Donald Trump, and independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the question becomes: Which candidate can garner 34 percent of the popular vote or higher?

While many “experts” still dismiss the possibility of an independent or third-party candidate winning the election, there seems to be a bit more hand-wringing and whistling past the graveyard amongst both Democratic and Republican operatives. Most especially as there is now a possibility that Kennedy may run on the Libertarian Party ticket.

Kennedy’s words and warnings are now resonating with young voters here in the U.S. So much so that he now leads both Biden and Trump with that demographic.

All of that hints at a very interesting political and electoral possibility. What if Kennedy — who “has no chance” and is only going to serve as a “spoiler” — not only runs on the Libertarian Party ticket and gets on key swing state ballots but continues to peel off more and more young and independent voters with a smattering of dissatisfied Democrats and Republicans? Some polls have already shown Kennedy at about 21 percent of the popular vote. With just over nine months to go before the election, what if he grows his support at just over 1 percent per month? Impossible?

Well, in a nation where 70 percent of the voters have said they prefer the Democratic and Republican nominees weren’t named Biden and Trump, the “impossible” might be a much lower hurdle to clear.

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