California Registration Instructions

How to Register for the 'We The People Party' in California

We The People Party FAQ


What you will need:

  • Your official DMV address
  • California drivers license or ID number
  • Last four digits of your social security number

Step 1: Navigate to

on your phone or computer browser. Make sure you have your California ID number handy or your passport number along with the last four digits of your social security number. Select "Register to Vote Now"


Step 2: Indicate your citizenship status

then click "Next"


Step 3: Fill out all personal information.

When prompted to answer whether or not someone helped you fill out this form, know that this instruction sheet does not mean that you received assistance filling out this form. Only indicate "yes" if someone typed in the form for you.


Step 4: Indicate your party preference.

Indicate your party preference at the bottom of the page by selecting "Yes, my political party preference is" and select "OTHER PARTY" from the drop down menu.


Step 5: Next to Other (specify):

carefully type out (caps included): We The People
Note: Do NOT include the word "Party" when you type in the name.


Step 6: Review all data and click submit the form.

Check your email for confirmation of your new party registration with We The People!


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