We The People: California Party Registration FAQ

1: How can I help get Bobby on the Ballot in California?

Because Bobby is running as an Independent Candidate, there are certain requirements to get him on the California Presidential Ballot in November 2024. Each State has different rules, but for California, the most direct path to getting RFK Jr. on the Ballot is to establish a new political party. 

We will then nominate Mr. Kennedy as the new party's Candidate for President. This new party (We The People) will be recognized by the State of California after there are 75,000 registrations.

You can listen to a video from RFK Jr. explaining why your We The People registration is so important at www.kennedy24.com/california

2: How do I register with We The People?

To get Bobby on the Ballot in CA, you will need to re-register your voting party as We The People with the CA Secretary of State at https://registertovote.ca.gov/ no later than early June

  • Visit www.kennedy24.com/CA-BALLOT for step by step instructions
  • Have your Social Security no. and Drivers’ License on hand
  • Fill out the CA Secretary of State voter registration form, even if you’re already registered to vote.  Use the address on your Drivers’ License
  • At the bottom of the form under party preference, select Other from the dropdown list
  • In the Other box, type in exactly as follows: We The People
  • Select ‘yes’ when asked if you wish to use your DMV signature
  • Check that you completed all the required fields
  • If unsure as to whether you successfully submitted your registration, it’s fine to re-submit
  • Print and retain a copy of your e-confirmation
  • Until We The People party is legally established, you will be registered as ‘No Party Preference’

3: Is it possible to register with We The People via a paper based form?

While it is possible to register with We The People using a paper based voter registration form, we are encouraging online registrations via the California Secretary of State as the Kennedy for President Campaign is tracking registrations with the Secretary of State.  If you have any trouble completing the online form, please contact [email protected]

4: What if I am not sure about voting for RFK Jr. in the Presidential election?

You are not tied to voting for Mr Kennedy by registering for We The People; it is only needed to get Bobby on the Ballot and give Californians the choice to vote for Mr Kennedy in the 2024 Presidential Election.

5: Will RFK Jr. be a candidate in the California presidential Primary on March 5?

No. Mr. Kennedy is not participating in the California March 5 Primary election. Our focus is on getting him on the Ballot for the November Presidential election. 

6: I want to vote for Mr Kennedy in the November election, but I ALSO want to vote in the California Primary on March 5. Should I wait until after the March 5 Primary to change my registration to We The People?

If you do not desire to vote for one of the other Presidential Candidates in the CA Primary election, you can change your registration to We The People before March 5. Changing your registration now will not affect your ability to vote for all other Non-Presidential / State-wide Primary elections. 

If you DO want to vote for one of the other Presidential Candidates in the Primary, and if you are already registered with that party, you should wait until after March 5 to change your registration to We The People.

7: If I change my party preference to We The People, can I still vote in Non-Presidential and other State-wide elections in November?


8: What are the policy priorities of RFK Jr. and We The People? 

We The People and RFK Jr. will end the forever wars, clean up government, increase wealth for all, and tell Americans the truth. Please visit www.kennedy24.com and click on ‘Policies’ to learn more. 

9: Will other Candidates be nominated for Office by We The People?

Once we reach 75,000 voter registrations, and legally establish We The People, a party convention will be held and RFK Jr. will be nominated as the chosen 2024 Presidential Candidate. Mr Kennedy will pave the way for future Independent Presidential Candidates to be nominated by We The People. 

10. I registered for We The People, but why does my registration status/voter registration card say "No Party Preference", "Other", or "Misc. Party?

Any new party that hasn't reached the 75,000 registration mark to be officially recognized will be listed as NPP, Other, or Misc. Party. This is not a mistake on your registration, this is just the temporary abbreviation associated with We The People until we reach 75k. You may also see We The People Party of California listed, this is also correct. 

11.  How do I make sure that my We The People party registration is counted?

After registering with the Secretary of State, the Campaign is suggesting that you:

  • Let the Campaign know that you have registered via this form.

  • Forward a copy of your voter registration receipt (showing Affidavit Number) for We The People to: [email protected]

You may also verify your registration under We The People party by visiting https://registertovote.ca.gov/ and selecting Check Your Registration Status (you may need to wait a few weeks after your registration to see the update).