Why Are the Democrats Suddenly So Petrified of RFK Jr.?

Featured in The Hill:

The Biden White House and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) — which some believe to be the enforcement arm of the Biden White House — have been aware of the presidential campaign of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for some time. First, since April 2023, when he announced his run for president in Boston as a Democrat challenging the incumbent. Next, with his switch to an independent candidate on Oct. 9, 2023, at Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

While aware of him, much of the Biden and DNC gameplan seemed to be either an attempt to ignore his budding candidacy or mock it in passing while falsely smearing Kennedy when possible. Now — and quite suddenly — that gameplan seems to have morphed into full attack mode against RFK Jr. Why?

Team Biden and the DNC realize that the president seems to be losing more ground by the week. More than that, they also understand that presidential elections are won by shaving an eighth of a percent off of one district, a quarter of a percent off of one county and half of a percent off of one major city. To them, Kennedy’s razor surely appears to be getting larger and sharper by the day.

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