Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Criticizes Republicans and Democrats as Primaries Heat Up

Irish Star reports:

Impassioned Democratic Party Presidential candidate Bobby Kennedy, Jr. has fired broadsides at a Republican and members of his own party as his campaign heats up ahead of the eagerly anticipated Primary Season.

He has accused President Biden’s party of an “undemocratic attempt to rig the Primary Process” after New Hampshire Democrats defied the national party to keep their primary the first in the nation.

He said: “I thoroughly support New Hampshire’s century-old status as the first primary state and the political culture that has grown up around it,” said Kennedy.

The new first state in the official calendar is now South Carolina — a state in which President Biden has performed well, in contrast to his losing record in New Hampshire and Iowa.

Kennedy plans to continue campaigning in New Hampshire in defiance of the DNC's scheme. But he is also showing surprising strength in South Carolina.

"If the Biden campaign thinks they can win with administrative tricks and evasions, they will be in for a rude surprise in both New Hampshire and South Carolina," Kennedy said.

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