RFK Jr. Steps Out With Demand for Pardon for Julian Assange

New York Sun reports:

With what could be the final legal effort for the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, to avoid extradition to America under way at London, attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is demanding that Mr. Assange be pardoned and his presidential campaign is calling into question President Trump’s “sincerity” in questioning the “security state.”

American officials have long maintained that Mr. Assange and WikiLeaks endangered Americans by publishing this classified information. Yet one prominent WikiLeaks user, intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning, was released from prison by President Obama in the final days of his term, though she did not receive a presidential pardon.

While Mr. Trump faced criticism for choosing not to pardon Mr. Assange, and President Biden has been silent on the topic as his Department of Justice pushes for extradition, Mr. Kennedy has demanded that Mr. Biden pardon Mr. Assange and has promised to do so in the unlikely event of his election.

“Attacking the messenger is never good policy,” Mr. Kennedy said in a statement. “The government’s war against whistleblowers has turned heroes into criminals. Only if we stand together can we protect free speech.”

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