RFK Jr. Courts Black Voters

The Hill reports:

 Independent White House candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is accelerating his courtship of Black voters across the country, hoping to gain an edge with one of the most critical voting blocs to President Biden’s victory.

Kennedy is pitching himself in Black churches, roundtables and among entertainers, believing he can build enthusiasm around a third option on November’s ballot.

The groundwork has caught the attention of Black political and media figures, with some fearing that Kennedy will further cripple Biden’s White House prospects and others being admittedly more receptive, even intrigued, by his message. 

“RFK Jr. is making the effort to have real conversations in Black spaces,” said Tim Black, an African American podcast host. “The important part is those spaces are ones where he can’t control the dialogue. The dialogue is spontaneous, thus not scripted. Authentic.”

Kennedy’s flood-the-zone approach is a visible contrast from Biden’s, who has turned down many off-the-cuff interview opportunities this cycle as he tries to capture the same firm support from Black voters he enjoyed last election. Kennedy, meanwhile, is more unscripted and unconventional. 

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