Kennedy Issues Statement on Hawaii Deadly Fires, Land Use

BOSTON, MA—AUG. 11, 2023—The devastating wildfires that have torn through Maui have killed at least 55 people and razed the historic town of Lahaina, a disaster that will take years and cost billions of dollars to repair.

Experts blame the Hawaii fires primarily on poor tending of the land. First, industrial ag plantations obliterated native ecosystems. When these farms were abandoned, combustible invasive grasses took over.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. said:

“My heart goes out to the people of Maui and the families who have lost loved ones.

“We need to stop ruining land and water and stop poisoning the earth. We need to protect what remains and regenerate what was damaged. Healthy ecosystems stabilize weather and mitigate the flood-drought cycle. They also draw down carbon.

“Environmental problems don’t always have a simplistic global cause. Earth is a complex system. Therefore, our top priority has to be on healing soil, forests, wetlands, rivers, and oceans, instead of treating them as resources to strip and waste dumps.

“I believe everyone can get behind land and water healing whatever their views on climate change.

“As President, I am going to unite climate activists and skeptics in an environmental renaissance the likes of which we have not seen since the 1960s.”

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