Kennedy Unites With Hip-Hop Icons for Campaign Anthem ‘Standing on Bidness’

ATLANTA, GA—MARCH 2, 2024—Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has taken an unprecedented step in political engagement by collaborating with a lineup of hip-hop heavyweights to release a new song — "Standing on Bidness." The track aims to unite music lovers and voters alike under a message of community empowerment and political participation.

Kennedy’s collaboration with a slate of influential artists — including Boosie, Turk, Jazze Pha, Drumma Boy, and prominent political figure and influencer Angela Stanton King, alongside Team Kennedy's own Rijoun Murphy — signifies a groundbreaking move in his presidential campaign. By joining forces with producers CasshhJay and A.N.T. Productions, Kennedy showcases his dedication to bridging the gap between political endeavors and community outreach through the powerful and unifying medium of music.

The song, recorded in Atlanta at PatchWerk Recording studios, is more than a regional anthem; it resonates with listeners across the country, symbolizing the bridge between the political sphere and the citizens it serves.

"Until we change, we will never see change. We have to do what’s uncomfortable to be comfortable," said Turk, reflecting the song's call to action.

Angela Stanton King added, "We're standing on business for our community. Completely done with Republicans and Democrats. People over Party!"

This statement echoes the campaign's message of prioritizing the needs and voices of the people above traditional party lines.

Drumma Boy emphasized the inspirational goal of the collaboration: "We want to inspire people to uplift the community as well as the government to serve us! We gotta meet each other halfway and together, we’re standing on bidness."

In a display of dedication to grassroots advocacy, Boosie emphasized, "I'm standing on business for my community. It's about tangible actions and support that uplift our people, beyond whoever occupies the Oval Office."

In celebration of the song's release and its powerful message, Team Kennedy invites the public to a special X Spaces event on Sunday at 7:30 p.m. ET. This will be a unique opportunity to hear directly from Kennedy and the iconic artists behind the music.

"Standing on Bidness" is available for streaming on all major platforms. Listeners are encouraged to tune in and become part of the movement that harmonizes political action with the transformative power of music.

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