Kennedy Campaign Announces New Campaign Manager

LOS ANGELES—OCT. 13, 2023—Today the Kennedy Campaign announced a new campaign manager, Amaryllis Kennedy. Amaryllis, previously the Kennedy campaign’s co-manager, will take on the role of Campaign Manager beginning today.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. said of the change, “The campaign benefited enormously from the political experience of Dennis Kucinich. Dennis Kucinich has been a moral center in American politics for more than five decades. This campaign would never have experienced tremendous success during the past six months except for the leadership, wisdom, and experience he brought. We will continue to profit from his advice and judgment as we go forward.”

“He is now handing off the baton to the team he did so much to cultivate, headed now by my daughter-in-law, Amaryllis Kennedy,” Kennedy continued. “Amaryllis is a woman of extraordinary intelligence and drive who I am confident will take this campaign to the next level.”

Amaryllis stated, “I am thrilled to lead this historic people-powered movement to reclaim the American Dream on behalf of all our citizens.”

Formerly founder and CEO of natural language processing startup Mulu and Head of Product for Twitter’s consumer commerce division, Amaryllis brings immense experience ​​growing and optimizing dynamic teams, leveraging cutting-edge digital engagement, and building energized communities at scale.

Amaryllis holds a law degree from Oxford University and a Master's Degree in International Security from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. Prior to her work in technology, Amaryllis spent a decade working on counterproliferation efforts on behalf of the United States Government. She has written two books about the pitfalls of the forever wars and produced and presented the Netflix documentary “Business of Drugs,” detailing the militarism and corruption driving America’s failed War on Drugs. 

Over the last year, Amaryllis has launched and managed many of the campaign’s front-facing initiatives, working closely with Kennedy, Kucinich, campaign leadership, national staff, and volunteers.

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