How Dems Are Already Quashing a Nightmare RFK Jr. Scenario

The Daily Beast reports:

On the surface, it might look like President Joe Biden and the national Democratic Party are entirely focused on attacking Donald Trump as the 2024 election ramps up.

But increasingly, Democratic organizations and operatives are sharpening their knives for a rival they've long ignored—at least publicly—who could pose a serious threat to Biden’s re-election.

Democrat-turned-independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Democrats fear, could potentially throw the election to Trump by cobbling together an unconventional spoiler coalition in the November election.

American Bridge 21st Century, a Democratic-aligned super PAC and an opposition research hub for the party, hasn’t ruled out going on the TV airwaves with negative ads against Kennedy.

A Democratic operative with the organization described Kennedy as “a high-value, top target for us over at American Bridge.”

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