RFK Jr. On The Flagrant Podcast

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. joins the Flagrant podcast for a wide-ranging discussion.

Watch the full interview here:


00:57 Larry David: Roomies, Rules & First dibs on Cheryl

11:39 RFK Jr’s voice issues

17:13 Jeffrey Epstein - Always a creep & Ghislaine’s tears

31:12 Fighting Monsanto dismissed as “conspiracy theory”

35:13 CIA involved in JFK assassination + how Joseph made his money

43:05 Mafia hating JFK/RFK + Chicago vote fixing

54:32 Ukraine & Russia + NATO feeds industrial military complex

1:06:18 Managerial class + Corporate interests aligning with US policy

1:19:06 Corruption in political system + Family disowning RFK

1:35:04 The Kennedys have truly impacted American life

1:38:34 RFK’s assassination - official story doesn’t add up

1:56:06 RFK suspicious of CIA + right to fair trial esp. for the assassin


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