DNC Pulls ‘Hidden Ball Trick’ on Sept. 14 Rules Meeting

WASHINGTON, DC—SEPT. 12, 2023—With the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Rules and Bylaws Committee scheduled to meet in Washington, DC, this Thursday, Sept. 14, a shroud of secrecy enveloped the process and cloaked the actual date.

On Monday, news agencies reached out to the Kennedy campaign to verify the Sept. 14 meeting as they were not aware of it.

The campaign shared this YouTube link to the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee Meeting from July 28 where they discussed the date of Sept. 14 for its next meeting, and this link to a blog post by DNC Member Frank Leone confirming the meeting.

The DNC has kept silent about the meeting where a series of controversial resolutions dealing with Iowa, Georgia, New Hampshire, and other states are expected to be presented. These are crucial decisions that can impact ballot access and delegate selection and alter the calendar for the 2024 Democratic Presidential Primaries.

“This is the DNC's version of the ‘hidden ball trick,’” said Kennedy Campaign Manager Dennis J. Kucinich, the former eight-term Democratic Congressman from Ohio and twice a candidate for the Democratic nomination.

“The DNC wants to carry on without public and media attention."

Kucinich has made two requests in the past week to meet with the DNC but has yet to receive a response.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. challenged the structure of the DNC’s delegate selection plan as being a “rigged game.”

Kennedy has pointed out that Party Leaders and Elected Officials (PLEOs) represent a class of superdelegates that, based on 2017 so-called reforms, was supposed to be prohibited from influencing the first ballot at the Convention. PLEOs plus state delegates beholden to the party, can effectively lock out any Democratic challenger to President Biden.

On Monday, Kennedy reported that at least 10 states have missed deadlines to begin to publicize the 2024 primaries in their states.

On Wednesday, the Kennedy campaign will reveal even more details about the peculiarities of the DNC management of the primaries, which will cause an undermining of voter confidence and participation, according to Kucinich.

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