Ballot Access Volunteer Signup Form

RFK Jr. is on track to win the White House in November 2024! Recent polls have Kennedy leading among Independents and voters under the age of 35. With a year left to go, the NYT shows him within striking distance of victory among all voters in the six key battleground states.

Now, it all comes down to you.

No matter whether a majority of Americans want to vote for RFK Jr., our voices will only be heard if RFK Jr.'s name is on the ballot. The establishment powers are betting that we can't collect a million signatures, but we're already proving them wrong.

Sign up today to volunteer to help the campaign collect signatures in all 50 states. 

Be a part of history by breaking the two-party system once and for all. And please, share this form with every person you know who believes that free choice is the bedrock of our American democracy.

If you are interested in volunteering to collect signatures, please visit our Ballot Access HQ