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Inside the Campaign: Virtual Meeting with Press Secretary and Founder of EcoWatch: Stefanie Spear

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Step into the world of environmental advocacy with a virtual meeting featuring Stefanie Spear, the Press Secretary for the Kennedy Campaign and a pioneer in environmental publishing. In 2005, Stefanie launched EcoWatch, a groundbreaking environmental news platform that quickly became a leading voice in the movement. Partnering with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in 2011, Stefanie transitioned EcoWatch to an online platform, reaching millions and inspiring action for a healthier planet. In 2020, Stefanie joined forces with Kennedy at Children’s Health Defense to co-found The Defender, exposing corruption and championing truth in industries such as Big Pharma, Big Food, and more. As the founding editor and chief, Stefanie's dedication to informing and empowering the public is unmatched. With her expertise and passion, this virtual meeting promises an engaging exploration of environmental advocacy and media impact. Bid now to connect with Stefanie Spear and be inspired to make a difference!