Goal: 500,000


Demand that President Biden Provide Secret Service Protection to RFK Jr.

I agree RFK Jr. should receive Secret Service protection.

Urge President Biden to Provide RFK Jr. Secret Service

For democracy to function, the public must know that elections, and not violence, will decide who takes public office. That is why the United States has granted Secret Service protection to all major Presidential candidates.

On Oct 26, 2023, for the second time this election season, an intruder entered Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s home in Los Angeles. The trespasser had written hundreds of emails to the campaign, which were included in its application for Secret Service protection, one of which made mention of a "bullet in [Mr. Kennedy's] brain." A month earlier, a man posing as a U.S. Marshall had shown up to one of Mr. Kennedy's campaign events carrying multiple loaded weapons and demanding to be immediately taken to Mr. Kennedy. 

Fortunately, in both cases, the individuals were apprehended by Mr. Kennedy's private security detail and turned over to the police. The incidents demonstrate the necessity and urgency for Secret Service protection for Mr. Kennedy. Withholding protection puts him and members of the public who attend campaign events at risk. Furthermore, it would be incredibly destabilizing for our nation if another Kennedy came to harm in the course of Presidential politics.

Mr. Kennedy is surely a major candidate. In the second week of February 2024, the NBC Nightly News aired a poll showing 34% would support RFK Jr. for president and declared this is now a three-way race.  Meanwhile, two-thirds of the American people say they are not happy with the choice between Trump and Biden. And, Gallup found in February that 49% of voters identify themselves as Independents. Only 25% are Dems, and 25% Republicans. 

There is no precedent for denying an application for protection during an election year. 

We, the undersigned, ask you in the spirit of patriotism, fairness, and good conscience to grant Robert F. Kennedy Jr. the Secret Service protection that his circumstances so obviously warrant.