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Demand the Immediate Release of Thousands of Still-Classified Documents about the JFK Assassination

Sixty years after the brutal murder in broad daylight of President John F. Kennedy, the American people have a right to see the facts about the assassination. I agree the JFK documents should be declassified and released to the public. 

Demand the Immediate Release of the Still-Classified JFK Assassination Documents

The 1992 Kennedy Records Assassination Act mandated the release of all records related to the JFK assassination by 2017. Trump refused to do it. Biden refused to do it. What is so damaging - so embarrassing - so critically important - that they're afraid to show the American public 60 years later? 

Trust in government is at an all-time low. Releasing the full, unredacted historical records will help to restore that trust. In the spirit of transparency, in the spirit of democracy, we, the undersigned, call upon President Biden to obey the 1992 act and finally release the Kennedy assassination documents to the public.