Wanda Meck

Wanda Meck

I'm a former academic librarian now retired. I was a lifelong, liberal Democrat before the Democratic Party became the party of censorship, mandates & lockdowns, corporations & Big Pharma, but no more.

Why I support RFK Jr

Bobby is honest, committed to truth and facts, does his research, is hugely knowledgeable and well read about current issues as well as history, energetic, smart, willing to listen to differing opinions and change his own, committed to the concerns of the average citizen and values many of the things that matter most to me (bodily autonomy, environmental issues, children's health, +).  The way he has lived his life proves that to me.  I have no respect for the two party system anymore and look forward to voting for someone whom I admire and respect rather than the lesser of two evils as I have for most of my life.  I have never felt so inspired by a candidate, donated as much money, or volunteered for a political campaign before.  I will be so proud when our country elects another President Kennedy and am honored to work toward that goal. 

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