Will RFK Jr. Qualify For The 2024 Texas Ballot?

The Austin American-Statesman reports:  

Fresh from submitting more than twice the number of petition signatures needed to qualify for a place on the 2024 Texas ballot in November, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told a cheering audience in Austin on Monday night that he aims to shake the country out of the two-party morass that compounds the nation's problems instead of solving them.

Kennedy, the son and namesake of the New York senator who was assassinated during his own quest for the White House 56 years ago, invoked the imagery and idealism of his father and of late uncle, President John F. Kennedy, who too was cut down by an assassin. But many of the issues defining the Kennedy who came Monday to downtown Austin bore little resemblance to those of his relatives who came to power in the 1960s.

The younger Kennedy, who is 70, offered a mix of environmental activism and skepticism of many modern medical practices as he promised a presidency that would restore the physical and mental well-being of Americans, who he said "have the worst health outcomes in the world."

"The more we spend on medicine, the unhealthier we get," Kennedy, an anti-vaccination activist, told the audience that packed into the Brazos House, which has capacity of 500, in Austin's entertainment district.

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