Just Who Are Kennedy Supporters?

The Suffolk Independent reports:  

A part of independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s long pathway to ballot access in all 50 states ran through Mama Lombardi’s in Holbrook, where rallygoers of all political stripes gathered to be one of the 45,000 signatures required for ballot access in New York.

“I can give you back your country,” said Kennedy to an applauding crowd of over 1,000 attendees after outlining his major policy areas.
The lofty promise and its accompanying messaging appealed to self-described conservative Republicans and Democrats alike, who, during this period of hyper-partisanship, seem to agree on one thing: RFK Jr.  

It’s this appeal that Kennedy believes former President Donald Trump “finds threatening to his presidency” and is driving President Joe Biden to fund efforts to “keep [Kennedy] off the ballot.”

Polls do little to clarify the ideological location of Kennedy supporters, with the most recent CNN poll suggesting that all third parties – RFK Jr, Cornell West, and Jill Stein – take more votes away from Biden than Trump. His specific policies and populist rhetoric cast a unique net over the American public.


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