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Young People Are Excited to Vote for the First Time in Decades

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Nicole Shanahan is Robert F. Kennedy's choice for his VP running mate, and politics in America will never be the same. 

Ms. Shanahan's story is the essence of the American Dream. Her mother immigrated from China and her father was Irish and German. Her family was forced to rely on food stamps, and she grew up poor in Oakland, CA. 

She rose from these humble beginnings and became a patent attorney. She went on to become founder and CEO of a legal tech startup company. Today, Nicole is a philanthropist who says the purpose of wealth and privilege is to help impoverished people. 

Nicole's fighting spirit, depth of character, and passion for helping people achieve health and prosperity convinced Bobby that she would make an ideal running mate. She has traveled extensively and seen first-hand the horrors of war. Bobby and she share a sense of outrage and indignation about how corporations have captured the regulatory agencies that are supposed to supervise them.  

She is fiercely committed to using her background in technology to accomplish good. In her first speech as VP nominee, she pledged to assemble a scientific team as Vice President that will find answers to the chronic disease epidemic now devastating America.  

But most of all, RFK Jr. said her youth was the deciding factor. Bobby leads the polls among young people, achieving 38% of voters' support between 18 and 45 years old.

RFK Jr. has inspired young people in a way that has not been seen since the Kennedy era of the 1960s. 

By inspiring the youth of America, we will change the course of history!

This huge development comes as we near our urgent March 31 FEC filing deadline – and we are asking you to make a donation to Team Kennedy before the end-of-month!

Because a vice presidential running mate has been chosen, we enter a new phase of the campaign, in which ballot petitioning now opens up in 18 additional states. Getting on the ballot takes enormous resources. 

Your support today will help put Kennedy/Shanahan on the ballot in each of the 50 states and onto the National Debate Stage this summer and fall.

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