Virginia Ballot Access Central

6 Easy Steps to Collect Petition Signatures to Get Bobby on the VA Ballot

  1. Download a printable copy of the petition:       CLICK HERE

  2. Read this training presentation:                        CLICK HERE

  3. Watch the training video:                                  CLICK HERE

  4. Get connected to your local grassroots leader:

 If you live closest too...  Contact...  
  Blacksburg   Jesse Dineen      [email protected]
  Charlottesville   Meredith Dykstra   [email protected]
  Hampton, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Newport News   Michael Rankin    [email protected]
  Lynchburg   Beth Lindsay   [email protected]
  NoVA-Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax Co   Rachael Doherty     [email protected]  
  NoVA-Faquier Co/Haymarket/Manassas   Matt Fusaro   [email protected]
  NoVA-Loudoun Co   Esther Maynard   [email protected]
  Richmond   Jane Jeffrey   [email protected]
  Roanoke   Nathan Gardner   [email protected]
  Southside Virginia   Harold Gielow   [email protected]
  Virginia Beach or Chesapeake   Janine Lex   [email protected]
  Williamsburg   Mark Blom   [email protected]


  5.  Attend the weekly Team Kennedy Virginia online zoom meeting Mondays @ 8pm:   ZOOM LINK

  6.  Join the RFK Jr Signature Gathering - VA Signal chat group:  CLICK HERE


A few simple things to remember when you first go out to collect signatures:

  • A good opening line is:  "Do you have a second to get another option on the Presidential ballot?"
  • Petitions need to be printed on double-sided paper
  • Each petition sheet is for a county or city in your area.  Get help from a regional leader if you are not sure about this requirement
  • Watch your petition signer to make sure they have printed legibly and remind them to use the address associated with the voter registration – this is important with college kids or someone who has recently moved
  • Virginia registered voters only