Veronika Grace

Veronika Grace

Life Coach in Sedona, AZ

Why I support RFK Jr

I support Robert F Kennedy, Jr. for President because after listening to many, many hours of his interviews and podcasts, and after reading his books, I feel I can trust his integrity to make common sense choices that are in the best interest of the diminishing middle class in America - choices that will help all of us flourish.

I have seen him in person now twice and witnessed that he is willing to speak truth to power. He does not shy away from difficult topics or pretend to have an answer when he doesn't yet. 

As a lifelong environmental lawyer he has represented common citizens, taking on cases and winning against many of the large corporations with no conscience that have literally poisoned our people, our soil and our waters. 

I believe him when he says he will find an end to the constant wars we have been embroiled in for too long and will work to bring peace to the USA by speaking with other world leaders, finding common ground and creating peaceful solutions. This will bring money that is being spent on the oversized Military Industrial Complex back to America to invest in improving our quality of life at home. Did you know we have over 750 military bases around the globe? How much is that costing us, including in enemies made?

I respect that more than any other candidate, RFK Jr's life experiences give him a unique ability to know how to end the capture of our governmental departments by corporate money interests, to work to end censorship in the US and ensure medical freedom and informed consent for all.   

It gives me hope that Robert F Kennedy, Jr., an authentic, humble, truthful, caring and intelligent person, will be President in 2024!

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