Did Mr. Kennedy encourage Covid vaccine hesitancy that cost millions of lives?

Absolutely not. This claim is scientifically unsupportable. The U.S. had very high adult Covid vaccination rates and still lost more people per capita than any other country by a substantial margin. Many countries with much lower rates of vaccination did not see higher deaths. For example, Haiti, with one-fortieth the vaccines administered per capita compared to the USA, saw 75 deaths per million from Covid, whereas the USA saw 3,000 deaths per million. Looking at global data, it seems hard to argue that vaccination was a silver bullet.

Furthermore, looking at all-cause mortality, there is reason to believe that Covid vaccination actually cost lives. Many countries, for example, Germany and Japan, saw spikes in mortality quickly following vaccination campaigns that could not be attributed to Covid. [7] A recent analysis of death statistics in Minnesota appears to show that Covid interventions–including vaccines–caused more excess mortality than Covid itself. [8]

We also have to look at other health problems, not just mortality. A recent peer-reviewed study of 300,000 people in California shows they were about 21% more likely to receive a new medical diagnosis in the three months after a shot, compared to the three months before. [9] Extrapolating over 237 million American adults, this means millions of extra new medical problems, and tens of millions worldwide.

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