Tina Noble

Tina Noble

Team Kennedy Co-Coordinator for Idaho’s Treasure Valley

Why I support RFK Jr

I am a happy member of Team Kennedy!  I live in Idaho and Oregon.  I have a small accounting company and still work very parttime. I enjoy beach walking, paddleboarding, hiking, gardening and hanging out with my Partner Dave and three grown children and two grandsons. We eat mostly local and organic food at home. Regenerative, small family farmers are my heroes! I am very grateful for independent media like Russell Brand, Michael Shallenberger, Tucker Carlson, The Hill and various other Substack authors.

I met my political organizing founder fathers in a strength training class for seniors I taught for more than a decade 25 years ago – Clyde - Episcopalian Priest, Bob - World War II Veteran and Jim - who fought tirelessly for worker rights as a union organizer.  They became my role models for action and service to community and country. I was an Idaho Delegate for Dennis Kucinich, was a member of the Idaho Peace Coalition and organized Iraq War protests and I strenuously campaigned for Bernie Sanders who broke my heart. I have been in 12 Step Recovery for 30 years and for the last nine have been a volunteer organizer for an international, virtual 12 Step Recovery Meeting. I’ve sponsored more than 100 women. It is a life better than the best I have ever known! 

Though my children have had their childhood vaccinations, I wish I had been better informed regarding my youngest and refused the 70+ childhood vaccines. I haven’t had a vaccine since I became an adult. 

I had completely given up hope around the corporate capture of our government.  I am hopeful again thanks to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.





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